ASAS Aerospace initiated multiple
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ASAS Aerospace is formed to provide a recognised and quality awared service to aviation industry. Headquarted in Istanbul/Turkey; ASAS Aerospace has several facilities in Middle East, in USA, in UK and staffed by experienced aviation professionals. We propose our customers to optimize their operation with our cost-effective, quality-assured and timely manner service; by having all makings of a well- developed aviation business according to a great network on the market and providing own logistic management with strong partners.


ASAS MRO facility is being built up onto a 2.000 m2 Airport, fully equipped per our capability list over 3.000 avionic components. ASAS MRO will be staffed by highly trained personnel with 20 years of experience, from technician level to management level, in order to assure quality of our service at highest standards. We will proudly announce and provide our EASA Certification for ASAS MRO facility in Turkey on July 2013, once our ongoing project will be finalized. During this date we offer you our repair service through our Pacific Facility in USA.

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